Who are we?

You've probably never heard of us, even though we have been around for more than eighty years. And that's totally ok with us, because we know that something we have built has touched your life at one point without you even noticing. Really.

Nedap builds visible and invisible solutions for a broad selection of international markets. We secure major landmarks, empower patients and doctors, create awesome shopping experiences, provide sustainable lighting for companies, help farmers care for their flock, and even find you a place to park your car.

About the company

Nedap is a Dutch company, based in Groenlo, with over 700 employees, but that doesn't matter that much. What really matters is that it feels small. We work in small groups, each group has their own culture and vibe. And within those groups we work in teams, so working at Nedap feels a bit like working in a small company, but with big resources. The best of both worlds.

We want to use our resources, whether that be money or attention, the best way possible, that's why we give our people a lot of freedom to choose their own path. Nedap gives each employee a lot of rope and some guidance, but it's up to you if you reach for the top or hang yourself with it.

Are you up for a challenge? We can't wait to meet you.

Life at Nedap to learn more about our company culture (Dutch).