Employee happiness engineer

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Employee Happiness Engineer

Nedap Healthcare consists of ninety awesome people that share a special way of looking at the world and want to work together to make it better.

Groenlo, The Netherlands

The Job

As our group has grown so has the technology we work with. A decade of software development has yielded many interlocking parts that are taking an ever increasing amount of time to set up And use for our employees.

You will be responsible for making our people happy by building the tools that make their lives better.

This job is a mix of continuing development on products we have already developed and creating new exciting tools that help us do our jobs.

One of your responsibilities will be maintaining Cerebro, our soon to be released open-source docker development environment. It's goal is to provide developers a plug and play environment to run essential services without needing to set up a massive build environment. Cerebro gets our people up and running in minutes instead of days.

We are looking for a driven software engineer that is a good listener and has an active interest in DevOps. You will be a one-person team, but you will be working closely with our DevOps team and developers.

Since technology is moving so fast we don't have a specific requirement for expertise but a working knowledge of Rails, Elixer, Docker, and TDD is greatly appreciated ;)

This position is initially on-site (we will support your relocation) since it will involve a lot of immersion in our developer culture. However as with any Nedap job, you are in charge of the way you work. So, when it feels right, you can move to a remote position if that is what you want.

Speaking Dutch is not a requirement for this position.

About Nedap Healthcare

A little over fourteen years ago Nedap healthcare was born. Founded by a spirited individual that had an eye for simplicity and a drive for success, Healthcare's first product was a small time-tracking device for nurses with a single button. Hardware has always been in Nedap's DNA, evolving in the preceding eighty plus years from mechanical to electrical devices that started to include or be connected to more and more software.

Nowadays, Nedap Healthcare builds mostly software, both for the web and mobile platforms. We help nurses, doctors, and patients manage their daily life by allowing them to focus on what is important.