Scalability engineer (Data scientist)

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Scalability / Data scientist

Nedap Healthcare consists of ninety awesome people that share a special way of looking at the world and want to work together to make it better.


The Job

Our group is growing, and that is great, but it also poses some challenges. Everything we build needs to work at scale from day one now. To do this, we need to be able to track, analyse, and simulate production usage patterns across our servers at any time. Currently, we have a lot of monitoring in place, but we need someone to bring this to the next level and help our teams act on that information.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about metrics and has a creative mind. We need you to build (or find) us the tools to monitor and test our software at scale. The tools to visualise our performance and communicate it to the relevant teams.

You will be responsible for making sure we find and solve potential issues before they impact out customers. To help our product teams identify problems and push our infrastructure teams to go to the next level.

A working knowledge of data analysis, information visualisation, and insights into how our core technologies scale are preferred. Amongst others, we use Java, Ruby, Elixir, and Go.

We are hiring two people for this role. One of these positions is (potentially) remote, the other is on-site (we will support relocation and visa if needed). 

About Nedap Healthcare

A little over fourteen years ago Nedap healthcare was born. Founded by a spirited individual that had an eye for simplicity and a drive for success, Healthcare's first product was a small time-tracking device for nurses with a single button. Hardware has always been in Nedap's DNA, evolving in the preceding eighty plus years from mechanical to electrical devices that started to include or be connected to more and more software.

Nowadays, Nedap Healthcare builds mostly software, both for the web and mobile platforms. We help nurses, doctors, and patients manage their daily life by allowing them to focus on what is important.